Music therapy offering

Music therapy offering

“The communication process is key, in life as in therapy. The art is a helpful tool to facilitate expression.”
(Paolo J. Knill)


Sometimes experiences are difficult to put into words, although we might have the desire to share them with others and be emotionally perceived and understood. Then it can be helpful to choose the medium of music and seek expression and exchange beyond words.

In music therapy, we can improvise on easily playable instruments with tones, sounds and noises and communicate with each other in this way. This may be done freely, without any specification, or can be associated with a defined personal subject or a particular musical structure. Our individual mood and attitude naturally resonates in every sound and impulse. We get to know each other through the music and at the same time we design the music and the contact that develops between us.

Music brings us in contact with all levels of our humanity. Furthermore it also gets us in touch with the history of our relationships, which began in earliest childhood in the emotional exchange through sounds and eye contact. Accordingly, in music therapy, we can connect with deep layers of our experience and gain access to largely unconscious physical and psychological processes within us.

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