Inner way

Inner way


I grew up in a small town in Southern Germany in the sixties. At that time, the people around me lived according to the idea that everything would get better and we could manage it – whatever that meant.

At the same time, I perceived a strange vacuum in the air, in which all feelings and relationships somehow disappeared, leaving an inexplicable void.

In this atmosphere, I started to ask myself questions which have accompanied my life since then and defined the path I took; these were questions about


  • what we need as individuals in order to experience meaning and fulfillment in life,
  • how we can improve mutual understanding and grow closer and
  • what can offer us support and carry us when we feel insecure.

These themes motivated my search for myself and my personal issues in the world. They have led in my life to the discussion of many different psychological and spiritual explanatory approaches.

I find the most convincing answers in encounters with other people.

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