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Process-focused body psychotherapy

Process-focused body psychotherapy

My specific therapeutic focus is based on the assumption that people are in a perpetual process of development and transformation. This inner growth process takes place largely unconsciously. Consequently, we often feel helpless and at a loss when faced with problems, symptoms and diseases.
To help us to better understand ourselves and our difficulties, we need access to our subconscious motivations. These reveal themselves in coded form, for example in nightly dreams, but they also appear on the physical level in varied signals and symptoms. Thus, through the language of the body we can obtain important information about our subconscious motivations and feelings.

For this reason, physical processes have a special therapeutic value for me. Correspondingly, in my therapy I pay attention not only to psychological and mental but also to physical reactions and invite you to explore and develop their quality more closely.
This allows you to get in touch with your inner development process at a deep level and to gain insight into what really affects and drives you. In this manner, it is also possible to channel negative feelings of chronic anger, permanent stress or constant depression in a new direction. By consciously experiencing the connection between the psyche, the body and the inner development process, your symptoms can become the impetus for individual solutions and new developments in your life.

If you are interested in my services or have any questions regarding them, you can find my contact information as well as information on prices under the subsection Contact.

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