To explore the path of the body and thereby counter
the natural flow of our inner development process

Welcome to my website!

Are you looking for professional support in dealing with a difficult inner or outer situation or a physical disease?
I would be happy to support you with my body psychotherapy to help you gain a better understanding of and confidence in yourself and your needs on a deep level. This can also often bring about clarity and new perspectives, boost your decision-making capabilities and help you achieve a feeling of inner security.

In my therapeutic work, I combine concepts and methods from process-oriented psychology according to A. Mindell and transactional analysis with perceptions from Chinese medicine. I also use methods from behavioural therapy, creative methods from the NLP and music therapy approaches.

In treating fatigue syndromes, I also work with sound massages.

Attention: Due to the high risk of infection from the corona virus, no sound treatments can take place at the moment!